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  1. sry. slow reply. me? i resign cuz i just didnt have time T__T school is getting out of hand. i resign most of the forums i worked for. and it was too overwhelming and hard to communicate

  2. Why did you resign? You were so ah-mazing!

  3. hehe yes and you adr yeon jae right?I remember you too! :D

  4. lol. i noe. ^^ from lovseulki right?

  5. lol :)

    hello i am peng.

  6. xi_luv_u

    [VARIETY] Tiara on Suju's Miracle Show

    INTERESTING! cant wait >W<! SUJU! AND T-ARA! AWESOME!!!!
  7. hahah because snsd is cool like that! ahah i wish i could go to the HB T__T

  8. no he's like really obsess. so far he went to HB twice since snsd went. LOL! crazy fan boy. LOL> @___@

  9. hey..... snsd fan here. LMFAO. jk. but gee was good! ahaha to a point XD im suffering frmo the i dont care craze. -_- hahaha

  10. i noe! ppl are crazy LMFAO! hahaha. still listening to it but my cousin is like screaming at me x_X! ahhhhh! T_____T! psh! i had to suffer when gee was popular =p!

  11. GD is never overated LOL. i love hiM! MY MAANNNNNNNN! GAH i also love vari2ty by jewelry!!!! <3<3

  12. LMFAO! haha omg! tht song is still addicting although a lot of ppl are sick of it and think it's overrated =p! but still! <333 ahhhh!


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