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  1. When will the tumblers be shipped out?
  3. Jiyeon 지연

    [PRESS] T-ara Interview at Cafenne (10/22)

    Do anyone have the video of the interview?
  4. But i seriously don't think they are really quarreling. even if they are, why will they want to show it to the world? that will only create haters for themselves. I really wish T-ara with all member just go to another company than will not do anything to them but just want them to success. not like CCM, like want them to die when they reach the top. don't even know if CCM is really doing them good.
  5. In conclusion, T-ara is just unlucky to be in CCM.
  6. Jiyeon so cute ! This is a nice show, its show their natural side.
  7. Noooo. It's like you brought me to heaven than kick me straight to hell. I really wanted to watch Jiyeon in running man.
  8. So many people? I hope Jiyeon will have alot of broadcast time as she is the only female idol. can't wait to see. I hope it will not disappoint me.
  9. That means now T-ara all live in their own house?
  10. why does she always injured herself. sigh .So will she perform tomorrow ?
  11. sigh. Once the new memeber join them she become the one that stand in the middle, even the mv has most of her image. CCM is always like this. Doing things without thinking.
  12. Jiyeon 지연

    [OFFICIAL] Day by Day MV posters (06/26)

    it seems like hyomin is the main lead in this mv.
  13. How do i watch the behide the scene video in the official website ?
  14. But i thought Jiyeon first kiss was in front of her house ? One of the articles say that she say her first kiss was in front of her house .
  15. Jiyeon 지연

    [12.02.26] T-ara declares to stop acting in 2012

    But Jiyeon is acting in Dream High 2. Its will be after Dream High 2 end right ?
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