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    subyunglove got a reaction from ZZuRRa in [12.03.15] T-ara to become 7~9 members, including replacing members   
    This is too much! Our girls worked hard for 3 years and suddenly they get 'fired' what nonsense is this!? They are finally having their own concert in July but some of them might not even be able to perform at it!? And IF they add new members, won't they instantly gain the popularity that the current members have built up with all their hardwork for the past 3 years? If it was like just a few months or a year after debut,adding of members is ok. But you're adding members to a worldwide known group it's just being unfair to the current members. Those members won't experience the difficulty of earning their popularity. Anyways, if they remove/add members now, I can almost gurantee you that T-ara will lose many of their fans. And you wouldn't want that to happen will you KKS? And in the end YOU will be the one at loss.
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