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  1. And suddenly I thought of Hwayoung, brings back memories... You're so lucky Dani!! Please help t-ara more popular!
  2. Be strong our Qri, we will always support you Everything will be ok soon
  3. Again, another satisfied international fans What country is next? I hope they will visit our country too.
  4. I hope Eunjung will win this case. Queen's are always here to support you and T-ara
  5. If you were a part of that audience, will you try to stop the one shouting 'hwayoung' or just ignore her? P.S. Jiyeon is so sexy, I hope she will show more skin in their future performances.
  6. time to save a lot of money and try to be near to the stage as possible
  7. Thanks for the compilation, HK Queen's so lucky. I hope I will see T-ara soon.
  8. Lucky HK Queen's... They got a chance to see T-ara that close T-ara fighting!!
  9. T-ara is shining shimmering sparkling in this video I love it
  10. I hope she appear at least in the final episode, she is part of the family of the gangsters.... i know its a minor role, but she is a part of the family.
  11. i can only afford the scans , I hope the photobook does not have the same texture of jewelry box
  12. I hope they only released the robot version(and of course the drama ver.), this mv is better. I think if they only need to release at most two versions, and this ones better than dance ver.
  13. Excited and nervous at the same time waiting for September 6 Good Luck T-ara, I dont know whats running on KKS mind...
  14. its time for t-ara to go higher than ever^^ T-ara Fighting!
  15. What? four music videos?! Time to clean my hard drive... Don't forget to lurk/participate on shoutbox before the release
  16. The doll outfits are the best , T-ara so sexy and cutie and pretty
  17. A really good decision this time, Qri is the most silent in this controversy.
  18. I hope T-ara will move on towards on the bright future, and also netizens I hope they will move on
  19. We salute you Kim Hye Eun, very mature thoughts coming from you !! We love all those who support T-ara
  20. I hope this tweet will help t-ara a lot..., i hope t-ara and hwayoung will release official statement regarding this controversy
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