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  1. Thank you Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA), I will never ever watch Five Fingers even if it will be the best Kdrama ever... they announced her termination through media... how sick is it!!
  2. I'm really anticipating Eunjung on Five Fingers, IDK if i can still watch this drama anymore...
  3. thank you very very much for the pics^^, i wish i'll have the album too
  4. Get well soon Soyeon! Fighting! I hope you will recover and return when your 100% healthy.
  5. Thank you to all who supported T-ara through thick and thin, specially hyotheleader.tumblr.com who made great efforts to prove that t-ara is innocent of "bullying" and thetaratruth.tumblr.com who translated his articles for korean netizens to read. Queen's owe this sites a lot.
  6. It really makes me sad that KKS indirectly said that Hwayoung has no chance of coming back to T-ara.
  7. I really want T-ara and specially Hwayoung to speak up about this.
  8. I didn't even bothered to watch the video and go straight to dislike and post comment
  9. I always love seeing T-ara wearing normal clothes. I'm so excited for this drama!!
  10. I'd appreciate it if Dani eats a lot more. She's too skinny, not really my "style". What if she has the same built like A pink's Hayoung or Chocolat's Tia? I wouldn't really care about her age if she looks a little bit more "mature".
  11. I almost cried when i saw Hyomin crying. No subtitle needed to know what she feels. P.S. hope someone will post GIF for the epic butt dances
  12. Now I understand why she lip syncs her high note. She's just too afraid she cant hit the high notes live. She's afraid to damage reputation of T-ara by making a mistake.
  13. Qri why you so pretty? Her phone is wearing a tiara, so unique.
  14. I'm not getting the T-ara~ish feeling for this dance. I'm sure its because of the choreographer for this dance, Jonte Moanings.
  15. This is the only MV of T-ara I couldn't watch again and again It takes a little time for your eyes to be able to adopt to flashes and sudden camera changes. I will watch it again and again.
  16. I think Hwayoung is little bit serious/sad/awkward in the picture with Areum.
  17. My JiYeon got hurt while filming the MV . I hope it doesn't hurt that much.
  18. MinYeon EunYoung BoYeonRi SoramRi? Am I doing it right? Oops, post too short.
  19. They are so busy nowadays, its a sign of rising to greater fame. I hope the get at least one day rest.
  20. I can't wait for the video teaser. Maybe I will have to sleep early tonight.
  21. Dani, you can join them on November 30 , 2012 11:59 pm. I can agree to that.
  22. Maybe it will take a liitle time for me to accept Jiyeon's hair color. I think her hair just need a little bit of styling to fit that blonde hair
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