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  1. T-ara won't be t-ara anymore ):. i hope Qri stays. i feel likes she has improved alot since lies along with eery1 else. ):
  2. I honestly think T-ara shuld win. Snsd i love them but this wuld b their 3rd consecutive music bank yr end win if they do win.. T-ARA HWAITING
  3. Qri is just to CUTE AND SEXI AND IDK! other than the fact i'm her total bias i love her.!
  4. T-ara is just amazing. They have so much talent and CryCry is just an amazing song. Next yr i think Lovey Dovey will dominate 2012
  5. YEY GO T-ARA! i hope they in inkigayo this week also and the music kchart next week
  6. I WANT T-ARA TO WIN MUSIC BANK <333 i hope Roly Poly wins song of the year! i think it'll be IU vs. T-ara vs. SNSD
  7. Yeyyy go t-ara! i hope they can win something at least before they have lovey dovey comeback T-ara JJANG
  8. Wooh i cannot wait. T-ara's teaser was rlly good after crcry i rlly wana pre order lovey dovey atm. (:
  9. Thats definitely T-ara They are a girl group that can pretty much do nything
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