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  1. seems like they always win or have good records in the digital sales section..
  2. send this to the koreans.. make them ashamed of themselves... go kneel somewhere and reflect please, immature koreans who are anti-tara for no reason..
  3. Koreans should be ashamed of their behaviour... international fans gladly accepted them while their own kind scorn upon them...
  4. why youtube garnered only 200k and 400k views only? though the dance MV gained a lot of dislikes.
  5. guys, just wanna know something, on MUSIC BANK, hwayoung and soyeon was missing... what happen to soyeon?
  6. CCM had summoned Gengar and it used Confusion on us...
  7. http://www.allkpop.com/2012/07/ccms-ceo-kim-kwang-soo-interviewed-regarding-hwayoungs-departure now CCM is putting the blame onto the staff..
  8. their jap fans are reading this new too.. wonder what they will think, considering they jus broke into the jap market recently ..
  9. t-ara gonna have problems promoting their next song, crazy love.... a bit contradicting.
  10. you know who is the real culprit of all? MEDIA... twitters.. just a single post on them and rumours are spreading faster than H1N1...
  11. i will still be a T-ara fan, but im speechless with the way the CEO handled it... he shld kick himself out instead...
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