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  1. ahreum really cute >.< can't wait to see this program >.< i curious about ahreum kekeke~~
  2. why jiyeon didn't perform in don't go?? ahreum have a good voice and also good at appearance ^^ i think i can accept her to be a part of t-ara ^^ t-ara hwaiting!! i hope day by day can get a mutizen
  3. wow!!! can't wait for their comeback stage >_< i'm really curious about ahreum...
  4. omg!! what happen to her?? she get a serious injury?? get well soon unnie!! hwaiting!! i'll always support you and t-ara
  5. beyonce's choreographer?? wow!! i can't wait for their comeback >_< i hope the choreography is good like the song
  6. daebak!! im happy to hear that anyways congratulation girls
  7. the MV really DAEBAK!!! i like when jiyeon act like that >_< can't wait for their live perform and the second mv >_<
  8. they're gorgeous *o* but who is the first pic?? the new member?? dani or ahreum?? i still can't remember their face T_T
  9. what is Q-ri's hair color?? they look gorgeous
  10. Ohhh i really disappointed with CCM why they must add 2 new member?? I'm feel awkward that t-ara become 8 or 9 member
  11. cute >.< but at the last pic she look gergeous >.<
  12. lucky fans... they can meet and take a picture together
  13. ouhhh.... i really can't wait for this eposide >.<
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