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  1. I really love the couple of Jiyeon and Jiwoon, she is really beautiful
  2. Eunjung is really beautiful, she is my bias I love her
  3. Soyeon is too cute and pure, I love her , she is just perfect
  4. Jiyeon is really beautiful, and boram is too cute, i love this girls
  5. Aww too cute, I miss Hello baby with t-ara, i want season 2 XD
  6. Jiyeon is really pretty, i love the pic 2, this couple is perfect
  7. I really love the hair if Qri, she is really pretty like her name
  8. Aww jiyeon and soyeon are really cute, t-ara is the best girl group
  9. Wow They have such big hearts, i really love t-ara, Daebak
  10. Cute, i like this, qri is noumu yeppeo , pretty and cute *u*
  11. Hyomin married := waoo, but i love the couple of eunjung and jang woo, i want jiyeon with joon
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