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  1. My external hard disk containing all Jiyeon's and T-ara's old videos is not working anymore!!! Now I lost all the videos INCLUDING HEROES T________T

  2. This is like a dream come true for me lol I can finally buy only my bias's cd without having to pay for something that include members I dislike that will make me uncomfortable. These are the cds I would not think twice about buying. Edition C and G, take my money ^3^ Hope there will be MVs too.. And this means they will perform those songs in their Japanese concerts. I will finally get to see Jiyeon perform her solo song live and EunMinYeon subunit
  3. From what I read on wiki, pachinko is about gambling so yeah they are being hypocritical lol Stop defending them like everything they did are right..This wouldnt happen if CCM didnt release a press statement boasting about that alcohol cf.
  4. Almost running out of money for food.........

  5. Fever, cold, cough, gastritis... 4 in 1

  6. Leaving for good..bye bye~

  7. The more I think about Jiyeon's career, the more I hate hwayoung..

  8. The only word I can see is acting. Dying to see Jiyeon in a drama again.
  9. Food.....I want food.....so....hungry.....

  10. 2 more days till food arrive...FOOD FOOD FOOD

  11. Next comeback will be about dani, so I should wait for the next next comeback then...

  12. lol that selca has already released agessssss ago Damn, I already forgot about dani. The next comeback will be about the new member again.................................................... Still keeping hope that dani will not join..
  13. How can I start studying when there are mountains of unorganized notes..

  14. Copying others' work like a boss

  15. Dafuq is wrong with the audience and the uploader. Koreans smh Idk whether to like or dislike that video.
  16. Does this mean they're gonna have fun somewhere in KL? Oh yeah stalking mode on!!!!! Bye bye lectures~~ I hope they won't return to Malaysia coz I'll be jealous since I can't attend it after this year
  17. OMG I LOLed so hard when areum scream rap for the 2nd part xDDDDD

  19. From getting overexcited to being indifferent..I'm weird

  20. Ahh I forgot the photos on bed are also in the photobook. lol now I don't want it as badly anymore...
  21. fk they cut out Eunjung Jiyeon Hyomin special stage I has been waiting like forever to see it..... Hopefully it still has chance to be on the dvd (IF they release it). But why do I have a feeling I will never ever see it except on the fancam..
  22. I want nice FOOD T^T

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