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  1. well, i definitely think the myth is correct. they said that just after 1 hour of release the song went #1 on almost every chart.
  2. our soyeon is as feminine as always. she looks just like a goddess . keep it up.
  3. i wonder why they keep pushing back the mv released date. oh well, we just have to wait for it patiently.
  4. Great time for boram to bond more with her father. Totally loving their new concept
  5. I think the reason why they are being paid so much is because they are too valuable. Hahaha
  6. This couple is just to cute. Can't wait to watch more episodes
  7. Can't wait for their comeback. Can't wait to see them in their gorgeous stage costumes too
  8. Cannot believe Soyeon unni wore skirt for the rehearsal
  9. I was there. I was seating at the front row. I was so busy admiring their charms that i did not even know what song they were singing.
  10. How i wish i was seating beside them in the bus. hahaha
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