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  1. Happy Birthday~! :D

    1. toshiba


      thank youuuuuuu <3 really happy right now <3 XD

  2. ...I just don't understand. Why are you doing this to them? To us? >< Ugh, Hwayoung was pretty untrained when she's debuted and she's managed to improve significantly since then... I hope Dani can do the same... ^^"
  3. She really is a wonderful performer, isn't she?!
  4. Eunjung is so funny~! Love these CFs~! XD Waiting for gifs~ lol
  5. Bummer. I was really happy that Eunjung would get some musical experience under her belt~
  6. finally get to see you in sb <3 . hehe

  7. Love Eunjungs hair tied back~ So sexy, so serious, and oh so hot! Effortless appeal~ lol Can't wait for T-ara in Europe!
  8. T-ara's CF Queen Eunjung Love it! Can't wait for the next CF!
  9. <3 Miss you! Hopefully I'll see you around later ;)
  10. <3 Hehehe, Sorry I was in class ^^" See you around later :D
  11. Ikr? Eunjungs resume is really quite impressive~ I hope to see more from her and the others with their increased success!~
  12. T-ara's CF Queen Eunjung strikes again! Lovely Such a cutie Always to fun and engaging~!
  13. spazzing over Spica alone in sb lol I love Painkiller! omg its amazing! spazz with you later :)

    1. soyawn


      O_O omg omg i didn't see this! sorry sorry :(

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