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  1. eunjung ah >O< look at our soyeon baby~ she's so pretty! keep updating ur pics gals!
  2. Eunjung FTW.... I got the feeling this will come. As long as it's her...everything turn awesome and daebak. Great job...
  3. Ehhh... They are tooo overworked already ESP HyoMin TT dowan anymore T-ara members visiting the hospital... Get well soon hyomin & jiyeon!
  4. daebaaaak~~ yeahhh new song again really can't wait for it! thanks fo sharing!
  5. Eunjung noona is very friendly Yeah Super Nova and T-ara just combi ever XD miss TTL!! anyway pray hard for Mucore and Inki that T-ara will win again !! Woohooo~
  6. whooaaaa a drama!! well i don't really watch historical dramas.. but i'll watch this one~ can't wait! i wish Jiyeon will get a new drama too >< thanks for sharing!!
  7. i cant wait i really want to see their dance moves so i can learn it
  8. wow<BR>i cant wait<BR>two lead vocals of T-ara will sing together<BR>i want to hear it <BR>Jijungmin hwaiting <BR>
  9. wow i cant wait two lead vocals of T-ara will sing together i want to hear it Jijungmin hwaiting
  10. Part 2 is really awesome<3 Part 1 tells the story and part 2 comes out to show the whole song! In love with this song and it replays in my head~ roly poly roly roly poly~~ Thanks for the translations and posting:)
  11. Qri is just like Candy she just need a blonde hair and BOOM~ A beautiful girl has born
  12. ^^ She actually left SM on her own will But anyways Soyeon looks better and better with every selca she takes. I really hope i can meet her someday
  13. wow ~ soyeon has a beautiful big eyes . And has a doll face :]
  14. Ahh`! Now I See Hyomin And Eunjung togeter in Uniform`! This Is Awesome! HAHA`! I Want to watch this now ^___^~ T-ara Hwaiting! And roly poly~
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