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  1. i've been so angry today and i thought i was finally calming down now but whenever i read the words 'five fingers' i feel like punching a wall or something. i had been waiting for this drama for so long and i was so happy when they decided to keep eunjung as part of the cast.... i was hoping that focusing on the drama will help her forget what happened -well it's not like forgetting is really an option right now but you know, thinking of it less and focusing on something else would have helped. they even let her go to the press con...and those interviews.... gosh i'm so worried about her right now, i wonder what she's doing. i hope she gets through this and someday she'll finally get what she deserves. she's so talented and beautiful and amazing and even though they found someone to replace her i could never ever think of anyone who could replace ham eunjung in my heart. oh how i miss our bubbly, naughty, happy baekgu
  2. aww so cute! they are so tired though, poor girls
  3. i've heard that the drama is gonna be a long one...like 50 episodes or something. i hope not... the rumours of jiyeon and qri being cast in the historical drama have been denied, if i remember well.
  4. i don't know about soyeon's acting skills but i'm so excited ! i wonder if it's just a minor role or something bigger...can't tell from the description. this girl here is so talented but so underrated, everyone knows "the big 3" in t-ara (which i absolutely love btw) but soyeon is not that popular. i think it's time for her to shine too
  5. even though it's not a full album i'm still so excited and i can't wait for the 20 minute mv.
  6. aww they ALL look so pretty i wish i had the magazine.
  7. i don't get it....some idols have to spend years training while others turn famous overnight? even if they had some amazing talent it wouldn't be fair. and what if they don't even have talent? i'm not exactly saying that this girl doesn't have any talent but we don't know yet. come on, this is ridiculous already.... it's probably too much to ask for justice in 2012.
  8. i usually think that korean girls look younger than they actually are (boram,qri, eunjung for example) but dani looks much older than 13 or is it just me? yeah she does remind me a bit of jiwon too, at least in these pictures. i seriously cannot imagine this girl in t-ara no matter how much i try to... i hated the idea of the shannon girl being added to t-ara because she was so young but now i would rather have her instead of dani [not trying to sound mean here] at least i've heard shannon and she had good vocals. but another rapper? that's the last thing t-ara needs right now.
  9. yeah she looks nothing like yuri, thank god (i'm not an anti sone but i don't really like yuri either) ... anyway i can't judge her because of her looks i need to hear her, we all need to get to know her better. of course i would have liked to see her debuting in a new group rather than this, but............... she's ten years younger than eunjung. 12 years younger than boram and qri. 5 years younger than the maknae jiyeon... soon enough we'll be hearing of rookies born in 2000. i'm gonna feel so old. but at least they won't be added to groups with members born in '87 ... amen to that
  10. oh now i finally get why she tweeted that picture with the dog haha and aww she's wearing a dress, i love to see her wearing dresses, since it doesn't happen often... thank you for the pics much appreciated!
  11. i'm going crazy here........ especially after hearing that high note eunjung sings at the end...oh god, oh god i'm...i'm out of words.
  12. i'm totally in love with the first two pictures. you know when you really like the way you look in a group picture so you end up loving the picture as a whole? well it's the same when you really like the way your bias looks in the group picture lol i don't even know if i'm making sense.
  13. oh yesss this is such good news. i was kind of expecting it to happen, but at the same time i was thinking that it would be too much to hope for i can't wait to hear them!!
  14. i love the way jiyeon and qri dressed hyomin, funny as always eunjung's classy look= ...it suits her well.
  15. i watched the first one so many times today, i love it those two dorks are adorable. it's the first time i watched the one with qri and jiyeon - well, i watched it 2 times tbh - and i can't stop laughing at dino's funny face.
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