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  1. sheesh, ccm is like sm these days. cheap repackages. i thought they would have enough new songs for a new mini or even a ~single album (lovey dovey, brave brothers song, round and round, etc). i really don't want to spend money on an album with two new songs and mediocre remixes... but i'm really excited for lovey dovey!!
  2. OMG OMG OMG. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! i've always thought she would make a great leader and i was surprised when she didn't get the position after eunjung, but yayyyyy! it's really her time to shine now and i'm just so proud. she's really well-spoken and can keep her emotions in check without seeming too cold. plus she's not afraid to call out fans who are out of line, etc. good luck soyeon!! i'll be looking forward to what you're going to bring to the group!
  3. wooo! congrats! i'm surprised IU or the 2HYUN sub-unit haven't bumped the girls off the top spot, that means a lot of people are really seeing their amazingness!
  4. lol Roly Poly is still working the charts even after a few months. congrats on being #3 considering the competition girls!! hope you win some awards this week!
  5. yay congrats girls! hopefully they'll show a small clip of a winning speech like they did with BEG when they won for Sixth Sense! excited to see the girls win on other music shows!
  6. oh thank you guys for the responses! lol i sounded like such an angry child in that post, sorry. >_< i'm gonna look on the positive side now and just accept Citrine, hehe. however, i do still think that they should have chosen something new (and more relevant to their name) to celebrate their successes and to forget about the fancafe incident... does anyone how the fans came up with Citrine in the first place?
  7. lmao sorry but where the hell did CITRINE come from?!? :/ can international fans just be called DIADEMS since japan have their SWEET TREASURE? i don't like separate fanclub names, but we're all so used to diadem and citrine just came out of nowhere imo.
  8. ok wow, looking at this makes me even more annoyed at the GDA nominations that just got released. clearly t-ara should have been nominated (and should probably win) the digital category, but i guess not. :@ is it because they're not attending, or what? i'm so pressed right now. but anyway, congrats girls!! i hope this continues until the end of the year! ♥
  9. ;~; all my favorites. for those who are going, i hope you guys have fun!!
  10. cool vid! and it wasn't choppy as hell. good job, mr. editor. lol but if i didn't know who sang what part already, i'd be confused by this video. some of them (esp. my bb eunjung) were singing random parts and i was like, "what?". i like that hwayoung and queenri got a little more screentime in this, but boram should get more than 3 seconds too please. oh and i was really getting used to seeing jiyeon's wig, but it looked so ugly in this video for some reason. but her face is still perfect, bless her. :')
  11. omg congrats girls!! their rankings are getting better and better as the days go by. :') so happy for them. and i'm hoping they win at least once with this song!
  12. ehh, i'm not sure how to feel about this because i was kind of disappointed with how the dance version came out. :/ it was rushed and lacked quality imo. i'm really hoping that's not the case here and SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THEIR MV EDITOR TO AVOID CHOPPING THE CLIPS TOO MUCH. it gives a lot of people headaches, including me, lol. good luck to the girls and hopefully they get some rest soon!!
  13. they're doing so well considering the competition they have. i'm so proud of the girls and i hope this success continues!!
  14. thanks for posting! i guess t-ara really does have a lot of international fans!
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