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  1. it's an awesome idea eunjung has been in the coffee house before, she maybe get to know it very well than the other members
  2. soyeon is great ! dancing prodigy since 5 years old ! wanna see that video
  3. looking forward for jangwo and eunjung he is lucky can pair up with eunjung on wgm
  4. her brother is helping her to run away ? hahaha, both of them have a same idea as well
  5. jiyeon is pretty and sexy in the picture! her collarbone makes her even sexier, hehehehe
  6. wow, who is he ? lucky he can date with qri Qri is really cute ! jealous of him
  7. can't wait to watch Eunjung in classical drama she must be pretty wearing the traditional hanbok
  8. now eunjung and qri are going to act in the same drama 'geunchogo' gratz to both of them ! hope the movie will be successful
  9. i think is not scandalous, she just checking her make up ! hahaha, so cute !!
  10. eunjung is full of surprise, hahahaha.... he is lucky to get such a good girl like her..
  11. nice ! hyomin stared to be a panel member for wgm ! hope she will enjoy the show with the other panels too
  12. she's been honest with everything, even with her income from cf
  13. hahaha, lucky jangwo got couple with eunjung ! i think she will take good care of him
  14. 1978 ???? i was shock when read the article, maybe she used to love some old stuff. she got it to explain
  15. poor soyeon, falsely reported dating but she cant explain to the public about it !!! ahhh....
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