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  1. sorry.... i think my acc still working >< good luck guys~~ aaaiing~~
  2. admin, do you have another link to download??? my laptop not working with Mega downloader
  3. I promise i'll update Bread Love and Sweet Lies soon... >,<

  4. [Announcement] Bread Love and Sweet Lies, wouldn't update in a week. Sorry guys.... i got some school stuff and exam >___<

  5. Thanks a lot Jungie14295 ❤ you're awesome!!!

  6. Try to eat bread, then you'll found your love~

  7. More than a woman to me~~~

  8. what if i donate 2013 Soyeon Birthday Project, so my name would change??? how i donate from indonesia???
  9. Save money for watch T-ara with my own eyes.

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