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  1. is it their first photobook? when does it out? i want this photobook
  2. aaa. Jiyeon look so pretty, and cute. hmmm, at the first pict, Jiyeon is hold a Hello Kitty mirror? lol. so cute
  3. They're kissing >< eunggg, so lucky i really miss them... they all look so cute. aigoo~
  4. it's OK if just add more members. but if there are some members out... i think it's not a good idea i hope there's no member out
  5. wow... this new is really surprised me. hahaha... btw, that boy look so handsome...
  6. whoaa... 10th? i can't wait for it >< i hope the MV will be great
  7. unnie~ could you update your artwork? i really love your artwork :)

  8. I'm good~:) haha enjoying the cold night xD

  9. the dolls are so cute, and the teddy dolls are using Roly Poly costums? haha
  10. whoaa... Jiyeon looks so mature ^^ i love the concept. heheee mmm, i can't wait for Dream High 2. hehe
  11. hmmm.. now is holiday. but feel so bad, 'cause i feel so bored >< how about you :)

  12. Hahaha thank you!:D How's your day?

  13. good... good...

    really happy to see you in this forum :D

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