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  1. I hope one day the problem will resolve completely....... Hwayoung deserves to come back!!! Hope you will join her T-ara unnie!
  2. I hope they regain their popularity back .... they deserve to be famous !!! Fighting ~~
  3. AREUM's first appearance on T.V !!! Big day of Areumie !! good luck !!!
  4. ...hmm.....at least they add 94liner or 93liner ....she is too young for T-ara..
  5. The Boys was the worst song ever !!! Hate it !! Praying for roly-poly !!
  6. Oh Go It Go Go it Go it Go it Go it Go T-Ara Daebak !!! Eunjung , Hwayoung !!!!
  7. Go Go T-Ara !!!!! I hope Roly Poly Is Much Better than yayaya (kinda Disppointed)
  8. Finally I can Join Tiaradiadem....

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