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  1. Ordered, but not sure how the shipping will work later? Are we getting contacted through the paypal payment email?
  2. Awesome. A lot of improvements over the last time I've tried the beta. Bugs & Suggestions: That is all I've noticed so far after getting stuck trying out the game Wish I could have help with the developing process but I got no experience working with flash
  3. Quite a lot of money that was raise. Proud of the stuff that the girls are doing ^^
  4. There's a topic on soompi about this event with links to the stream and how to buy their merchandise, though I haven't check if those link works since it's still a day from the auction time.
  5. "Can be purchase over the internet". Oh the temptation has begun.
  6. I'm seriously in love with this song. The intro was great. The verses was great. The chorus was great. It's...great! Not sure if it's because of the moody weather that makes this song even better xD
  7. Putting skepticism aside, I hope their ventures in the States will be a success. There's no point in saying if it's possible or not when it's clearly uncertain. The music industry is constantly changing, so adaptation is the key. If they learn to adapt they will achieve popularity. The only thing that I kept saying about idol groups venturing in the States is hoping that they will not neglect South Korea activities altogether.
  8. Mongolia, that's a really odd place for k-pop. KPOP gone global, even to the odd places
  9. I hope now they will learn not to mess with Areum. She doesn't mess around Calling the troll korean media out like a boss
  10. Well the US music industry is one of the largest out there, so that's why. Although I don't think it's right for them to try to break in the US music scene either, it also doesn't hurt to try and see the actual outcome for themselves instead of fearing it because of previous attempts from different people in the same related-field. If they ended up not getting the success in their US attempt, as long as they keep being active back in their own scenes instead of ignoring their dominant scenes + keep trying to break in the US market, it should be fine. On a side note (not toward you migger), the multiple versions of the same song is so typical of CCM...idk if I'll be able to enjoy all of them, but I already have some sort of idea the version with Snoop Dogg lol...
  11. omg I'm looking forward to some exciting news this summer
  12. Aw although I would've prefer if it was a Korean debut than Japanese, but I suppose it's better for them right now to be active overseas.
  13. T.I. and T-Ara! That's like my young American live + the me right now definitely look forward to this potential activity despite my skepticism.
  14. My point stands for every single kpop group and that is not aiming to debut in U.S. I do hope though, that they will collab with American artists just to promote their name more in the foreign scene (outside of Asia)
  15. Lol you're not the only one xD When I read up to Trey Songz, I also wished that it was Trey Songz who was interested in T-Ara's music haha
  16. KQUEEN's better go and get ready to snipe them hats ^^
  17. You're jumping the gun a bit there. Like you said about KKS, no one can predict what KKS can do. The fact is that he can still invite Hwa back to the group and Hwa can still rejoin (whether Hwa will rejoin or not is an entirely different matter). Another fact is that you will NEVER satisfy all netizens no matter what you do as long as the idea of hate and jealousy still exists. If bringing Hwa back is going to make the group better (not image but talent-wise), then why not? As for the "QUEEN'S" as you've called them, it's their own damn fault for jumping to conclusion without thinking the situation through. We all know that each member (including Hwa) is partly responsible for the scandal, but we too, also know that the scandal wouldn't have happened if the agency handled it properly. An argument turns into removal of a member, that is by far the best *sarcasm* acts of CCM. Yet, many rushed to conclusion, blaming T-Ara, or Hwa for the scandal back then and even till today (as obviously pointed out in your and some others' comments). I guess you can still call them QUEEN'S, just not competent QUEEN'S.
  18. Now now, let's not go that far. I honestly don't think that Hwayoung are still upset at the members as the issue was merely made up by the media (on top of KKS stupid acts). Also since Hwayoung is no longer affiliate with T-Ara (currently), she has no obligation to speak out or anything, not to mention that the talk shows would have to invite her first in order for her side of the story to be broadcast. Anyway, back to the topic. I'm glad T-Ara members (at least most of them) finally got the chance to clarify their side of the story.
  19. yeah wonder if these 40,000 counts the pre-order ones? Anyone can confirm?
  20. It works fine now, although I didn't really notice any difference in the address bar xD
  21. I'm using Chrome. I just copy the address, but have to remove the webgains part of the link to get the actual Yesasia link. Otherwise it's going to redirect me to yesstyle instead.
  22. That webgains redirect thing is not really redirecting correctly (for me at least). On the topic, I'll be looking forward to this album release
  23. It's a variety show. I'm surprised at the fact that they're filming Dream Team in Vietnam.
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