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  1. Just curious, what are they doing in Vietnam?
  2. I am 99.9% sure that this letter wouldn't even exist had KEMA not boycott the production crew. Am I the only one not sensing any sincere apology in this letter?
  3. Precisely why I don't bother with the Japanese release of any of my fav. groups. There's always some sort of scheme that makes their prices so dam high...but that's just me.
  4. 1. Everyone dislike someone, reality check. 2. Soyeon never mentioned any name nor badmouthed anyone (according to the translation in the article). Conclusion: No one needs to get worked up over this, only stupid people, yes stupid...and hypocritical, would judge someone negatively over this. Personal thought: Typical media trying to gain attention.
  5. Enjoyed all the performances, except Roly Poly. DIdn't like how they completely changed the feel of the song by adding the "house/electro" whatever you called it to this particular performance...but that's just me.
  6. I wouldn't say that they don't have brains, just not good functioning brains..well can't say CCM altogether, but at least that seems to be the case with KKS
  7. My question is: Has the filming production for Iris 2 started? If not, then CCM is simply overreacting. I don't like businesses and their marketing strategies, but then again I'd like to be as fair as possible. The previous news article never mentioned anything about Soyeon BEING in the cast. The official in mentioned article said that they're "positively considering to join the cast", not "offered to join the cast". Yes I like the fact that CCM made a response to this article, but what they are claiming to be the rumor simply did not exist to begin with. The was nothing definite about the previous article. What CCM should've done is just clarified that Soyeon has yet to received any cast offer for Iris 2. Now, if Iris 2 filming production has started, then it's an entirely different story and I'd side with what CCM has done. -My 2cents
  8. knetizen's hatred toward T-Ara is still strong, confirmed. Whatever though, as long as CCM knows to clarify it to the public, it should be fine. I'm already used to knetizen and their stupid obsession with idols.
  9. Don't take this as a sort of bashing, but I grew up in Vietnam. I know how this generation of Vietnamese is over there, and frankly, the vast majority are crazy. As for this act of, perhaps, over-excitement, I really hope that not just V-Queens, or Queens, or Kpop, but all fans out there would be more considerate toward their idols. I'm pretty sure in most cases, the fans meant no harm, but fans need to take into consideration the position that the idols is in. After all, the first thing that they surely see is a mass of fans-but-strangers rushing toward them, who knows what can happen?
  10. well I wouldn't cry over it, but I'd be screaming like a little girl, that's for sure. I'm glad nothing unfortunate went down with the airport madness.
  11. Although I do want KEMA to go through with this and make sure things like this can't be done in such a one-sided manner in the future, but ultimately Eunjung is the one who has to continue to go through this "drama" that she herself wanted to let go. Life is harsh sometimes :|
  12. aw look at my EJ ^^ KKS need to cut them some slack and stop trying to kill them! =.="
  13. Should have put "Audio" instead of "Video". I got excited for a second thinking that T-Ara is really having a Japense mv of this song :|
  14. hoh interesting. Never realized that Dani actually lived in the States for a long period of time. (sorry, don't hate me Dani bias )
  15. One under CCM does not simply have the time to do anything other than what CCM wants them to do.
  16. heart goes out to Qri and her family. Almost 5 years since one of my grandpa passed away too.
  17. This is created by the very virtual world that we know as the internet. They won't be caught by any government body as their words won't be deemed dangerous, so why would they care about what they said? The only thing that could stop people from mindless criticism (not sure if it can even be considered as criticism) is logic. But it's arguably much easier to think emotionally vs logically. I share the director's feeling regarding this issue, but there's hardly anything we can do to change those minds, sadly.
  18. I'll be waiting for the subs version Thanks for sharing though.
  19. I assumed this has to be approved by Eunjung's acting agency first (CCM?). They better read through the contract well before making this decision. Hope things will go well for EUnjung.
  20. "There are no scenes for her to film. Her role was minor and originally had an enemy that helped introduce the plot, but as the end came closer her role faded out." --- just a load of bull. Soyeon's character just disappeared out of no-where, while it was last showed that she was still in Busan. She can't just disappeared for no reason. I guess SBS isn't the only network that is scared of the antis.
  21. lol do you seriously considered these "audience" as QUEEN's? They're obviously either a bunch of ignorant haters or...a bunch of ignorant haters. This kinda hate won't really stop until those haters are bored with the incident or found another incident to hop their meaningless life on. They probably don't/can't realize it, but all they're doing is just making a bigger negative stereotype regarding Korea's kpop community.
  22. lol you don't have to understand it. This is just one of the dark side of the internet
  23. hehe for once KKS noticed the atmosphere and didn't troll us. Time to watch the video
  24. I don't know about you guys but I'll be anticipating a classic KKS troll
  25. The efforts of the union is greatly appreciated, but is it even worth coming back to the drama (assuming it's going to happen) anymore? With people working around you that secretly hate you for being there, poor Eunjung. *imagine* patting Eunjung on the back to comfort her. We'll get through this together Eunjung.
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