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  1. wasn't surprised when I saw Vietnam as one of the country that illegally copied the music. I'm glad that they are actually getting sue. This way, the artists/composers in those country will learn to make their own music instead.
  2. yeah but like, I don't want to be assuming thing, you know what I mean?
  3. Thanks for answering but you're not answering my question. I'm asking about the "LA" part that was stated in the article. Of course I know about the SF concert, I have 4 tickets sitting on the shelf here. Still waiting to see if the staff can get some more info regarding that statement.
  4. What??? They will most likely perform in SF in April...but LA??? Any source on that LA performance?
  5. meh not like I care about that Jangwoo guy to begin with.... ...or WGM in general.
  6. heh Eunjung freestyle differently on this performance during her solo dance part
  7. there should still be tickets available since the tickets weren't sold out yet. For now I'd suggest you hold the thoughts of buying tickets until they announce the date (or contact the concert venue people and ask them if you can still buy tickets).
  8. What's done is done. Hopefully the postponed date will work out for most of the fans that are planning to attend. Looking forward to it.
  9. Let me ask you this. EJ had knee injury before LD comeback. She went and records for all the music shows and hasn't missed a single show. Do you really think it was because of "injury" that the concert got cancelled then?? No offense but people are blind if they can't even see that much. But regardless, because of that single stupid statement, certain people are going around blaming EJ for the cancellation of the concert...like some idiots they are.
  10. The problem is that people don't understand unless they're in our situation. Plus it's most likely the one that weren't planning to attend the concert that misunderstood. They all thought that we are upset at T-Ara, but in reality, we're upset at CCM. I don't know...I explained this to people and yet most of them failed to understand it. Honestly, about their reason...if Visa were the problem, they would've receive a notice much sooner than 1 week prior to their departing date. I don't want to doubt them, but this reason is too...how should I say this...lame? The tickets sale were back in November, meaning that there's a 2 months gap in between the sales and the concert. Now I would assume that they all applied for Visa in a reasonable amount of time prior to the concert (making sure that it would arrive in time). Therefore, even if the Visa didn't came in time, it's still CCM who were poor in planning. THAT, is that many fans were upset over.
  11. Still seem sketchy...but whatever. Hopefully the postpone date will also be on a Friday, not Sunday....
  12. Lol I hope people read the "It's only a rumor and not confirmed" before freaking out and rage xD
  13. It was obvious to me actually...the fact that she couldn't stand on her injured leg alone! x_x I really hope she will stop participating in this comeback (hopefully after the Inkigayo 1st comeback). It pains me thinking about EJ dancing with that ankle...
  14. well it's English I can now vote without the troublesome korean texts xD
  15. You did well EJ. We're all proud of you. Take time off from dancing and recover yourself.
  16. nice. Have fun French diadems T-Ara coming your way
  17. dam that stair...getting my nukes ready to launch on the stair....
  18. glad I wasn't the one that noticed Hyomin's amazing hair. She was gorgeous with that dress
  19. If you're sad, just think about how much worse it is for people that are Qri/Boram bias? They aren't even performing. You should be glad.
  20. just a few more days!!! Can't wait to blast this song in my car while going to school haha
  21. Don't jump the gun just yet, it said two "new" songs will be in the Funky Town album. They might put songs from other albums into it too, although I don't know if you would like that either. But anyway, I personally like the album name...and also hoping that the club remix version will actually be a remix that stands out from the original (most of CCM previous remix, especially in the JRW album, were just like the original except they add like 5-10s of intro into the remix -.-)
  22. I'm sure they're just exaggerating on the 90% part. Unless the shuffling is really slow (which wouldn't make sense for Lovey Dovey has fast beat), shuffle for about 3min straight up WHILE singing....non-sense. I came to realization a while back that you have to subtract (or add in some cases) a portion of what CCM's announced. Like the release of their mv for example... As for shuffling itself, I'm not a big fan nor do I dislike it, but if T-Ara does it, then at least I can finally try and learn a girl group's dance that wouldn't make me look like a weirdo in front of others non-kpop lovers haha
  23. Aw any clue if diadem is going to sub this clip? I want to know what they're talking about at least lol.
  24. Any clue whether this will be the official poster for the album? Or it's just promo picture for the video.
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