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  1. gotta wait and see how this sounds they already wanna release eurodance version maybe this is too much but hopefully it will be good the girls are soo busy
  2. i dont see it much maybe just the eyes a little but the rest of the face i cant see it completely different imo
  3. oh wells they guna have to wait a lil longer to see this movie they can wait for the dvd haha xD poor girls
  4. yup everyone loves the girls and its not hard to see why the girls put in a lot of effort and its paying off T-ara Fighting!!!
  5. i love how mature the girls are and their honesty is awesome jiyeon looking very mature in those pics as well
  6. yup lovin this concept the president definitely made a good choice with the style and i think it really suits the girls well
  7. whoo this cafe is gunna rock and be soo successful which will make lots of money for the girls
  8. wee can't wait for the euro version should have a bit more techno beats to it and should fit in well hopefully
  9. gotta definitely watch this im a sucker for a good scary movie and with hyomin it will be even better lets hope its a masterpiece Hwaiting!!!
  10. i am absolutely loving this retro style that they are going after i reckon they will do an awesome job on this song
  11. maybe she is pushing herself a little to hard but she just wants to do well in the end it was her choice to go on the show and im glad that she is resting whenever she can
  12. weee more roly poly from the girls can't wait to watch it i love this song to bits
  13. can't wait to watch this drama she is going to be very very busy and i know she is going to do very well
  14. hope she doesn't push herself too hard she needs lots of rest and to take care of herself more
  15. ahh the girls are really breaking through into the jap market soo well and hyomin is doing an awesome job and showing lots of maturity as leader
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