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  1. Oh i heard the song in the cf. Its pretty nice! totally love it!
  2. whoa. 1 billion won? its gonna be a huge mv.... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!
  3. aw man~~~ i wish i was in japan like now D: oh well at least the fans in japan are happy!
  4. oh i watched this! Jiyeon was sooooo cute! hehe looking forward to more events
  5. i'm just happy they are coming back! this is gonna be awesome!
  6. OMG! Jiyeon pls take care of yourself! Rest well and recover soon! T-ara FIGHTING!
  7. ohhhh this magazine looks great! and the photos are stunning. XD hahah really want to buy it now XD
  8. uwahhhh! Jiyeon is soooo cute! hehe love the doctor scene XD
  9. OH. does this mean?! 2 repackage albums?! hahah can't wait! T-ara FIGHTING!
  10. oh. i wish i can play the game D: but hyomin looks so pretty in that navy outfit! and jiyeon looks like a spy XD
  11. uwah. 10k only. that is pretty dam limited D: ahhh i wish they increased the number T.T T-ara FIGHTING!
  12. wow. 300m. thats a lot. and that's great! continue on this path of success! T-ara FIGHTING!
  13. whutttt 40 secs ain't enough! but still its worth watching. XD T-ara FIGHTING!
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