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  1. LOL wtheck Chinese version of WGM? How awkward when both don't speak the same languages
  2. I was looking for your siggy my dear!

  3. Haha, thanks for the comment. Honestly, I was thinking the same thing as that guy a while back (why don't I get anything from donating a second time?) but that was before I saw the threads about the previous food support projects and I realized just making those people, even if they're halfway around the world, happy by surprising them with something like this is worth 10 bux, you know?

  4. I appreciate your comment on the Gyebaek Food Supply post. Just wanted to stop by and say that! :)

  5. I wanna be black. BLACK DARKNESS

  6. :> I like my sig too.

  7. Pahaha thasss right, 23 million views and counting :> So proud of these girls Next stop, Japan!
  8. omg jelly! x_x I want fan service-suuu hehe finally CCM knows marketing skillets :>
  9. go back to your country fob

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