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  1. 사실...내가 정말 대단하다 ㅋㅋ

  2. 사랑과 비가 닮은 거 같아요

  3. class and then convention center! Super stoked for my meeting! Guess I'll go to class dressed up

  4. now that I napped for 3 hours.. I suddenly feel worse than not sleeping at all

  5. I went to class before the sun came up.. was done when it did. Pissed.

  6. not looking forward to waking up at 6am tomorrow D:

  7. this perfectly outlines my daily life as an uploader @sokyul @rem_rks http://t.co/NhkcHoAA

  8. SU housing totally spoils my housemate and I, while I was gone they cleaned the ENTIRE house, including our 4 bathrooms LOL <3

  9. 2012 has arrived in PST :)

  10. Dad just handed me some serious cash..I'm speechless

  11. That awkward moment when someone got you a present and you didn't.

  12. How many days has it been raining??? #Seattle

  13. I've finished watching City Hunter weeks ago and yet I'm still spazzing about it. There's only one solution to this: BUY THE BOXSET!

  14. B2ST hold a concert tour all over the world in 2012 http://t.co/dYo14tH9 via @Gateway2Korea

  15. Got a text from him wishing me merry Xmas... How dare he contacts me

  16. Reading my wallposts and updates behind a computer doesn't equal to keeping up with my life, try having a convo w/ me #judgingyou

  17. Haven't eaten all day; devouring this chicken salad..salad while waiting for mum to cook

  18. I just found a whole bunch of vids/pics on the tablet of my dad LOL SO CUTE he looks so confused xD

  19. aha.ha.ha. time to meet up with him now.....

  20. I have a serious craving for katsu curry rice @_@ must get some todayyy

  21. ....after taking my first final today, I have the "after-finals effect". aka I look/feel like I died and came back. x_x 2 moar to go

  22. ....I thought my finals were on Tuesday. They are all, in fact, on MONDAY. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  23. or I could always transfer to PA... 2 quarters before my senior year.. O_o

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