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  1. 사실...내가 정말 대단하다 ㅋㅋ

  2. 사랑과 비가 닮은 거 같아요

  3. LOL wtheck Chinese version of WGM? How awkward when both don't speak the same languages
  4. class and then convention center! Super stoked for my meeting! Guess I'll go to class dressed up

  5. now that I napped for 3 hours.. I suddenly feel worse than not sleeping at all

  6. I went to class before the sun came up.. was done when it did. Pissed.

  7. not looking forward to waking up at 6am tomorrow D:

  8. this perfectly outlines my daily life as an uploader @sokyul @rem_rks http://t.co/NhkcHoAA

  9. SU housing totally spoils my housemate and I, while I was gone they cleaned the ENTIRE house, including our 4 bathrooms LOL <3

  10. 2012 has arrived in PST :)

  11. Dad just handed me some serious cash..I'm speechless

  12. That awkward moment when someone got you a present and you didn't.

  13. How many days has it been raining??? #Seattle

  14. I've finished watching City Hunter weeks ago and yet I'm still spazzing about it. There's only one solution to this: BUY THE BOXSET!

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