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  1. this is really great, so that the leader wouldn't be burdened too much also it gives them opportunities for the future
  2. im still looking for the teaser...im sure ill love it though!!!
  3. this is niiiiice!!! anticipating more as we drew nearer... aja! we cant wait!!!
  4. that's really cute u'll really be inclined to use it if the dictionary is that cute cant wait for their comeback!!
  5. It just makes sense, they were given free snacks, lol to toilet papers..but they had also kind of promoted the company bcoz of the name RolyPoly..
  6. this is really unique i cant wait to see their outfits,,
  7. Aww that's so sweet... I love how they support each other... Loving hyomin more and more
  8. wow wow wow...can't wait to see this 4 more days to go... :)
  9. I like Hyomin's style, very pretty she even designs her own costumes so talented
  10. Jiyeonie ah, so many projects coming for you u better have a rest aja aja fighting
  11. this is the beginning of tara's success...hallyu-dol make a visit to southeast asian countries we support you truly
  12. Maybe she is jealous, but I think she's too young to join WGM to do those love stuff just my opinion. Oh but I definitely love WooJung couple!!!!!!
  13. I am expecting them to kiss soon, that would be really fun to watch. Will play over and over again on my mind
  14. I think it is normal for her to have stage fright, considering that there would be a lot of people in front of you who would expect you perform well, but through time, she has been able to overcome that feeling...and now she looks very confident with herself.
  15. I hope her debut as a movie actor would be successful Most of them are really talented, from dancing to singing to acting. Tara Fighting!!
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