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  1. me too in shock ! soyeon i can't say anything . just be safe and get well okay .
  2. as always . we must wait for their comeback . but soyeon now in shock coz the car accident . i think their comeback must wait for a longer than we thought .
  3. oh no !!! soyeon accident !!?? please be safe !! doctor you must save our soyeon .
  4. hmm... so sad that the public want to believe what are they want to . just like a bunch a fool . do not want to check every detail . this means what they saw the first and they believe to the end . i wonder where they go to school . haha .
  5. hmm i don't know what to say ... only can swear the anti to be gone forever . why don't they think that when they are in t-ara situation right now ? can u overcome this situation ?? st****** anti ! that's all i can say . t-ara never leave my heart .
  6. why would he apologize ??? hmm... well at least he sorry for making t-ara and hwayoung get in into such a big triuble . now anti must learn from their mistake . coz they recklessly pointing at t-ara fault . this is not about t-ara only . this all about hwayoung,ccm,kks and t-ara itself . the anti must stop their action now . go t-ara . Fighting !!
  7. i hope she will have a rest . and clear her mind . and hope she will re join t-ara back . i just love them being together ! hwayoung fighting !! t-ara fighting !!
  8. oh my god . reporters please leave family hwayoung alone . they don't involved with t-ara or hwayoung . they only support them . that's it ! the media are so mean ...
  9. if. if hwayoung join . then she will be under ccm again right ?? hmm... that's why Kks will watch over her ! can't u just back to t-ara please . that will be the same .
  10. i hate kks but i hate anti more ! kks for this time make the anti shut up ! for this only i will back u up ! please turn them down .
  11. if anti read this maybe they will open up their mind and look to the positive site . is good to have an artist stand up and talk like Jo Harang ! fimally the storm is been cool down a little bit . i hope there will be no more about this topic(bullying) again . t-ara fighting !!
  12. indeed t-ara are the victims !! after i watch the other diadem mmbr post i see the prove !! they all are goods together ! maybe the reporters want make a good profit coz the day when hwayoung got discharge from t-ara is becoming a hot topic then they will make good advantage to popular their own company .
  13. 150,000 fans !!! i hope they can do it . please support t-ara more and give them a second chance ! all humans deserve a second chance right ! t-ara fighting !! the Queen's always support you t-ara remmbr that !!
  14. indeed jaemin!! that's are eunjung we know !! soon t-ara and eunjung will climb back up to the top spot . and prove that they are the best .
  15. awww... how sad . u must be worried about your sister . but it's okay . one day your sister and t-ara will comeback . n you can share and stand next to her on stage !! wooram and D-unit fighting !!
  16. even she join another company . she will br remember as one of t-ara member ! and the best rapper in t-ara ! hwayoung fighting . we will support u where ever you go . coz u are ex-member of t-ara !!
  17. wow !! someone do a good job out there . thank you for supporting t-ara !! t-ara fighting !!
  18. ok my girls got to rest !! oh yeah!!! please take care of youself . t-ara fighting !!
  19. i must support to very last of my breath . even hwayoung will not re join the group . i will support them . if hwayoung re join with t-ara i will delightful . coz that's what i hope to be . t-ara fighting!!!
  20. give her time . she need more to learn about korean history,language and many more . hope she will doing well if she join the group .
  21. KKS treat her well ?? i might believe her coz she said herself that's the part i want to hear . so does the member treat you well hwayoung ??? that question is reporter must ask right ?? well ?? what do you think about that ?? i just want the truth . please don't think me as anti . i'm really really really love t-ara . i will support them forever .
  22. shut up KKS !!! you want to make this issue bigger or what ! if you want to prove something let the girls speak ok . poor t-ara have through this hard lifetime . hwayoung she cry outside because what she feels... that's hwayoung must speak for herself .
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