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  1. can't wait for sexy love song and dance ! already excited !! lolz! hope this song will take t-ara to another level ! hahaha ! and they need a rest too ! please take care of yourself girls !! T-ara Hwaiting !!
  2. Congratulation my T-ARA !! Absolute QUEENS of digital chart !! haha !! my fav song is lovey dovey !! that's why they are my number 1 girl group ! no one can beat lovey dovey song !! Malaysia also keep playing diz song . haha !! Love it !
  3. i love when eunjung acting . she is multi-talented idol ! she can sing,act,comedian,MC, and many more ! love eunjung forever !
  4. well hwayoung must be eager to act ! i found that hwayoung is funny too when i saw her in variety show . please let her acting in drama .
  5. boram is the loudest laugher in t-ara . haha . so cute ! love areum dancing such a beauty ! eunjung always sing that part . haha .
  6. i cannot play the video via my phone . oh god ! why the uploader didn't set the video can play via phone . miss t-ara dressed up before concert . i bet they must be pretty and simple .
  7. Jeon Boram unnie the Best member !!

  8. always cute & pretty . that's our Qri !! haha ! i think qri is the princess in t-ara !
  9. t-ara is so cool !! love their personality ! haha . their performence always make me feel that they are the best ! jiyeon and hwayoung too cute together !! haha !!
  10. wow they really hard working !! is that ahjussi who crafted tatto at eunjung neck !?? wow lucky man !!
  11. t-ara is really a special group ! that's y i like them . hope t-ara will stick together forever n after ! haha .
  12. T-ara Daebak!!!! South America !!!?? wow far from South Korea !! haha ! they have gaining popularity . wow this is big success for t-ara .
  13. Dani is the part of t-ara now . C'mon guys let's support her !! now t-ara has new mmbr . this must be good for t-ara coz they can learn english from dani ! Dani you must show your talent to Queens . Don't let us down ! hope no more adding mmbr in t-ara anymore or not a mmbr going out as well ! T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!!
  14. areum becareful baby ! Queens must be worried about you . but that was close ! i don't know korean language but hyomin sad and almost cry make me wanna cry with her . the arm wrestling is game for hwayoung . coz she even win the gold medal on OMS ! is it butt writing they play !?? so epic ! lol !
  15. as long as you can increase t-ara reputation you will be safe . i welcomed you into t-ara girl group . if anyone from original t-ara membrs is out . i will blame it on you . sorry . just worried about the unnie like boram and qri .
  16. boram unnie is so funny and cheerful ! anyway her father was right . the roly poly song make t-ara so popular even my mom also like it . haha !
  17. they all are natural beauty . even without shade boram looks pretty . they all really exhausted . i hope they be strong and fine . t-ara figthing .
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