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  1. i'm here for the badges:D

  2. its been ages since i logged into diadem..i feel so lost ;-;

  3. Just trying my luck..but I really hope I can win ;A; thanks for the great giveaway diadem <3
  4. Loved the game it was really cute.You guys even put some funny lines in there haha.I especially liked the number nine feature on qri's laptop and jiyeon's drawing notebook .You guys did a great job with the game,thanks for all the hard work diadem
  5. this sounds really exciting..can't wait to play the game you guys are awesome!
  6. Fan: when did you start being so beautiful. PARK JI: "from the moment you started looking at me"

  7. thanks for sharing this ..they all look so gorgeus here loving the concept
  8. omg~~~~!!!a desert theme?thats a really unique concept i'm so hyped yeah
  9. this game is tiring

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