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  1. *facepalm* didn't they check it?? ><
  2. jiyeon's really a chrome heart lover and eunjung in the first pic. so adorable~~~~~~~
  3. Do well slay-ara! Hip hop is okay,just don't give the unit name something like 't-ara H',and the H stand for hip hop,while the song is far from hip hop,just some 'kpop rap'. It will be a huge turnoffs.
  4. As much as i want to see acting-eunjung,i think she better stick with t-ara promotions first. I mean at least she's recovering with the rest of the members..not alone..
  5. Ccm please please please change the 7st to 7th. Netizens are so wild you know. They are going to make a fuss out of it. LOL 7st=7 sexy track Ah ccm, u r such a troll
  6. eunjung is working hard with her schedule.she attend each and every one of them.i really hope that she'll rest more.afraid that her knee worsen
  7. i really hope she takes a good care of herself.bet she's extremely tired with the non-stop activities. goodluck unnie!
  8. jiyeon can nail most of her roles in dramas cutesy,serious,mean,ghostly great actress
  9. hyomin~~ i really like her with that guy from mnet scandal back then but i found that fu xin bo is quite famous in china.i hope they do well
  10. no eunjung :( eunjung unnie get well soon!!!
  11. even in this very short clip i really hope that i can see eunjung. jiyeon acting is great as always.n i'm eager to see more kahi and hyorin^^
  12. i find eunjung is s o beautiful and cute in this vid.eventho it's small><
  13. i really wanna see qri acting!!! i wonder why she's busy.jiyeon, eunjung and hyomin can do it, why can't she?
  14. since it is in chinese, i really hope it'll be easier to get the subbed one ^^
  15. after all i think it's her twin that can calms her the most after that incident,it's good that she's so supportive^^
  16. they really are working hard to please the fans.with their pack schedule;shows,own activities, they still made such promises and try to fulfil it. T-ARA
  17. i think hyomin and fu xinbo will make a cute couple.i hope hyomin will do well with her shows.^^
  18. eunjung proves that idol can actually acting! i'm confident in hyomin!she's about the same as eunjung.i love them both but then we have to agree...that not all idols can act well.they're depending too much on the title as idol to generate viewers interests
  19. earn more money so that hyomin can buy more camera,eunjung can buy more supplement,qri can buy more accessories,boram and jiyeon can buy more food
  20. OMG if only i could buy their album~~~~it would be awesome!! i really wanna have one!!! T.T
  21. 40 seconds? in gag concert??? i bet they're doing the dance..like the one that mblaq did
  22. gahhh.i've been waiting for this since forever!! i really wanna go and meet t-ara!!! oh i'm dying of jealousy.they're so lucky!!!!
  23. they're making their name.t-ara now become a label.n it's growing bigger n bigger!this is what i've been anticipating.i'm proud of u guys!!
  24. wwooowww!!! that sounds COOL!!! i wanna play it too!!! they looks so comfortable in that concept!
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