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  1. Hey no problem ^^ welcome back :)

  2. haha yea i am your right lol... XD Thanks ^^

  3. Haha yea i saw it ^^ was so touching was hard for me to see her cry tho XD Hey ill follow you on twitter

  4. Hi :) I'm Darren nice to meet you ^^

  5. Definitely late lol.

  6. :) Finally lol RT @allkpop: Davichi wins Inkigayo Mutizen! + other performances! http://t.co/QNgqJ7XI
  7. Finished POD finally haha ^^

  8. Homework not completed lol...oh well going to sleep.

  9. Last day of hols...time to start on homework XD

  10. Yay got my MacBook back ^^

  11. Kara's Step MV is not bad :)

  12. Part 3? ok...haha ill be looking forward to see it but to be honest i would rather see something different oh well...
  13. I'm sure hyomin can do it ^^ im so gonna watch gisaeng ryung haha im sure her acting would be spectacular.
  14. She should really rest...her schedule isso busy...what she needs is a good long rest
  15. Part 1 and 2 were both great in its ways...however i was hoping to see more of the story in part 2 tho haha but its still great ^^
  16. Cool ^^ i watched 'my gf is a gumiho' and liked her in the drama haha ^^ cant wait to watch this and hope to see hyomin in more dramas^^
  17. Awesome ^^ definately looking forward to hearing it and watching the movie!! haha excited cant wait ^^
  18. They look beautiful in this !! thank you for posting it ^^ haha i really cant wait to see the live performance now
  19. They all look so stunning and beautiful in the pictures ^^ really liked the pictures thank you for posting them !!
  20. Haha thanks for this, this is great :0 !! appreciate the effort put in by diadem ^^ Thank you very much!!
  21. I wish them the best and hope they will be successful in Japan!! ^^ I hope their hard work pays off and they get what they want
  22. WOAH Hyomin as usual is absolutely gorgeous in this photos!! love her goddess like beauty and her amazing look here
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