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  1. O im hella gonna watch this drama! Im always excited to see eunjung on shows and dramas
  2. I really love the covers for the album! They look so angelic when they wear white. haha i cant stop staring at them
  3. Queens??? I love T-ara and will always support them, but i wished they came up with a fan club with a unisex name lol
  4. if this is really true i will watch every episode they have!
  5. WHOOOO cant wait for this mv to come out! I love hearing Soyeon sing, her voice is so soothing
  6. I like the zombie version better, but I still enjoy watching this mv. They act extra cute in this video! haha nothing wrong with that!
  7. I just love their smiles so much. It always brightens up my day
  8. WHOA!!! are you foreal! That is really epic news! I think Qri will make a awesome leader
  9. These pictures are awesome. This just proves they are really able to adapt to any concept they want and excel on it. Very sexy indeed
  10. I love Soyeon's outfit. She is beyond cute. I need this book
  11. Thank you soooo much!!!! You are the best! Now I can finally change my wallpaper lol
  12. Please make a show for this just like they did for T-araDotCom!!! I miss seeing them on variety shows.
  13. Qri is like a doll. How can she be so pretty?!
  14. They are drop dead gorgeous!!! Man i wish these pics were bigger I want these pics as my desktop wallpaper. But thanks for the pictures I greatly appreciate it!
  15. Sweet!!! I really hope a show comes along with this G-Market like what they did it with T-ara dot com.
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