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  1. Happy Birthday!!wish you all the best!!^^..

  2. Happy Birthday!!! ^_^ May all your wishes come true~~~

  3. of course, there are no better models for the water park than the girls of T-ara i cant wait to see the commercial when they release ti!
  4. kyah! i love the original version of this song and cant wait to hear T-ara's remake of it ahahaha
  5. Hopefully Hyomin will be back on her feet, healthy again soon! The girls are really doing great, but they also need their rest.. aigoo
  6. so admirable... T_T carrying on through with everything despite the fact that she is so worn out and exhausted. get well soon Hyomin!
  7. cant wait to see the 3rd part of the mv! hopefully it'll be just as good as the first and second
  8. hahah it might be a personal bias but hyomin has already surpassed hajiwon in my opinion! ;P
  9. It's full right =.=, I gonna delete many mess. Thanks for your pics. I'm uploading them now. BTW, what is your credit? I'll add your name with credit into the topic ^^~

  10. hahaha i cant wait to see this! hopefully this will allow more people to get to know the song and dance!
  11. was gonna send it in as a PM but im guessing your inbox is full so..

    Here are a couple fantaken pictures of the Yongsan Synnara Fansign!

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?3er4e4635m3rk2s

    Thank ya~

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