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  1. Working on Black eyes mini album, school work, We got married show, promotions in Japan, and now, join a new drama?????? So many things to do:-s But I belive she
  2. I miss Eunjung long hair....she looks so great with any hair style. Love it, love her and love t-ara
  3. Hey, please pay attention to your post. It's must be more than 10 meaningful words

  4. Eunjung looks tired, poor her i hope they get enough rest
  5. poor girls, they can't watch the movie. and I think they'll watch it in dorm
  6. oh I don't think he looks like Jiyeon but he's handsome
  7. OMG!!! 40 seconds?? It's too short I want 4 hours
  8. oh my god, I really proud of my girls. I hope they win again and thanks for new
  9. I can't wait!! but why they don't make I really really like you?I love this song
  10. I hope this doesn't happen to any T-ara member in the future! take care of yourselves
  11. Hyomin is a fighter! she is trying really hard to be responsible with the schedule
  12. I really want they are dating!!!!!!!!! they are very cute
  13. she's such a nice person she's always warm, funny and takes care everyone and i love her because of this
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