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  1. i'm gonna watch this and also another 2 dramas (soyeon n eunjung)... hyomin and gumiho, cannot be separate, she act in drama related to gumiho again.. cant wait to watch this,
  2. boram-unnie picture should be on the yellow doll since she likes yellow too much, hehehe
  3. i may accept areum half-heartedly but for dani, i dont think i can accept her..she is too young.. actually i just wanna see 7-ara... hu3
  4. eunjung unnie looks like yuna from final fantasy, cute~ ^^ hyomin unnie also cute~ ^^ love both of them~
  5. it will be interesting to watch them.. how are they going to communicate? hohoho~
  6. i can't wait to watch that episode.. must watch episode, heu3~
  7. owh, this is what i'm waiting for..but after watching the trailer, i cant wait anymore, hehehehe...
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