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  1. Awww Qri, sorry for your lost, he'll be watching over you from a better place
  2. Omo T_T she looooks really then and even in the picture where she's smiling you can see the sadness behind her smile. It's so sad Hyomin unnie hwaiting~
  3. It's about frickin time he's doing something that actually makes sense. And I agree, I hope allkpop gets sued, always reporting meaningless stuff or negative stuff. Glad this whole T-ara thing is calming down though.
  4. KKS is a ridiculous man. T-ara stay strong !!! We'll all be here to love and support you!!!!!
  5. They really need to find someway to take care of this sh*t right about now ...
  6. Oh helll no, this is xxxx. What has she done wrong? I hate all this commotion that's going on. It's really shady an misleading. Someone needs to speak up.
  7. Omo Omo I hope Jiyeonie is alright I hope they let her rest and recover
  8. I'm so proud of t-Ara unnies the mv and mini album are really great
  9. and i thought SM was crazy, i hope t-ara unnies get a vacation soon :/
  10. Yay!!!!!! im looking forward to seeing Eunjung acting in another drama 대박 <3
  11. Incredibale !!! They deserve all of the popularity they're getting T-ara jjang!
  12. I'm happy for them as long as they're healthy. I think i might actually try some of this stuff too
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