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  1. SeYeon expressed: "If Eunjung is leaving the show, I can appear in the drama." really feel angry because of this sentence, what the hell are you i will stop watching this drama from now on
  2. oh my god, KKS ruin T-ara future he shouldnt add new members to the group if t-ara remains six of them without hwayoung, aureem & dani they will be a successful girl group in fact, hwa young didnt help much of the group to gain popularity
  3. why, it is a bad news for me im waiting for t-ara to come to malaysia once the rumour started but unfortunately i wont be in m'sia at that time how i wish i can watch their concert im begging their agency to postpone the concert isnt it weird that their concert fall on 03/10 Wednesday??
  4. nice one, try to accept the new gal, no other choice but have to i wonder how eunjung image is going to be in this MV maybe every member's hair has different colour im anticipating in their upcoming album all the best T-ara
  5. M-Queens here t-ara finally come to malaysia feeling excited now, but, on the other hand, im afraid of this is just only a rumour at the end the higher hope u have, the higher disappointment u will face if the news is true, i would like to buy front seat
  6. like all the songs especially TTL, the rapping flow is so awesome as usual, i like eunjung & hyomin combo rap thumbs up for cry cry, why are u being like this, im really hurt, i go crazy bcoz of u & Keep out this album is worth to buy going to buy soon
  7. Fans object it's a good idea just let him realizes that there is a big objection amongst t-ara major fans
  8. kks is talking nonsense here sounds like the 2 new members are here to save t-ara but t-ara is already a well known girl group without these two girls why he never appreciate what t-ara did for him he is definitely wasting the talent of existing t-ara member i wish t-ara can leave CCM once their contract end
  9. sincerely, i want t-ara to remain the same, no more or less just watch their programme and i enjoy 7 of them as t-ara if kks make any changes of the group, i think the group is no longer known as t-ara
  10. wow finally jiyeon has a scene with jinwoon totally like it especially jiyeon singing part
  11. LOL eunjung takes over jiyeon part funny that when jiyeon pronounce her unnie name
  12. t-ara CF is always funny no jiyeon & eunjung i thk they are now busy filming drama
  13. eunjungie, happy new year too glad that im 88 line same as u also happy new year to the rest of the members
  14. lee jang woo u cant do this dun forgot u made a big mistake that u couldnt find yr wife hand
  15. LOL boram almost fall asleep, she is exhausted sometime she didnt even pay attention to what they were talking about poor girl this interview is kinda boring especially the phone section
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