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  1. I prefer they didn't but would welcome that member with open arms otherwise. Took me a bit to get accustomed to Hwayoung but now she's great.
  2. New wallpaper! These are BEAUTIFUL by the way. I miss Qri's short hair but loving Hwayoung's. I didn't know that pic was her until I found everyone but her.
  3. Having 3 different MVs for a song is interesting to do and it makes it much harder to choose a favorite because they're so similar, unlike Bo Peep's 15+ and 19+ versions. I really like the way #2 was filmed and in my opinion, more stable. But then again #1 looks like a "traditional" MV with the dance shots in there.
  4. LOL you do what you gotta do Eunjung There were times where I have to work in the morning with no sleep and I myself napped for a few minutes on the toilet XD
  5. I downloaded. Nice work. That comeback performance had some great shots and my favorite of their lives to date.
  6. High quality is always best. Thanks for the cover.
  7. Perfect. Finally some KPOP (and T-ara, no less) wallpapers that use most of my 1920x1080 desktop. Thanks a bunch.
  8. I agree with what everyone has said so far. Why can't they pull a KARA and promote both songs? I mean at least they have MVs made for both songs. KARA doesn't even have a MV for Mister (though it would be awesome if they did, but that's besides the point XD)
  9. That's pretty awesome. I honestly never watched the 15+ version of Bo Peep but even then I liked the 19+ version over Like the Beginning (both great MVs though) but after watching the 15+ version today, I agree with the GomTV results. You get to see a lot of the girls closeup
  10. Aww...although I love both Bo Peep Bo Peep and Like the Beginning, I prefer Bo Peep Bo Peep more. Doesn't matter though. Would this be considered a win/win? Ahh, I still need to listen to the rest of the album I guess...
  11. This is huge for the girls for taking out some stiff competition...but both of their songs doing so? That's unheard of...to me at least. Great job!
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