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  1. Omooo, with Hip Hop style, i still curios with they song and the other selca >.< I think eunjung will be cooler XD
  2. This is real ? aweee, finally i can see Co-ed, long time no see co-ed, can't waiting this. i hope lovey dovey plus can be make co-ed famous like their senior.
  3. Yeee, yeeeiii, finally T-ara will be have an official fans name. i'm really can't waiting this summer.
  4. Yeee, yeee, thank you for release MV yesterday, not today. And i'm really waiting MV sexy vers. and clubbing vers.
  5. Wow ? Lovey Dovey zombie ver ? So Daebakkk, Make me can't waiting this MV, 2 days, 2 days. ^^
  6. Ahhhh, daebak~ from the beginning to the end they still use the suffle dance, they do not tired ? and another one, i can't wait until the 2nd of Jan, it's sol long. But, for T-ara, I will be waiting.
  7. Hoaaa, daebakkk, this is 1st win for cry cry music, but, i can't see in 1st win, because they not showed. I hope today will win again.
  8. Woaaaa, on December 24th, it so long for relaese this MV, Actually, i really want see this MV, i hope tomorrow is December 24th, lol .
  9. Daebak, they will release MV Ballad ver. , i can't waiting this, i hope this MV quick release.
  10. Aaaa, They are always look so cute. But, what is the mean serious game festival. Lol. hehe.
  11. Waw, They've put up posters BPBP (Jap. ver) in Japan, I hope they perf. look good in japan later.
  12. Awww, there isn't Jiyeon, I hope she get well soon.
  13. Waw, long time no see Jiwon. Although, she isn't a member of the T-ara, but, they still look friendly.
  14. I so sad hear this and, at a perfom in Inkigayo, she looks in pain, I hope she gets well soon. Jiyeon Fightinggg !!! I always support you from here.
  15. Thank you for share pict, but, where is Jiyeon ? I want see her.
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