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  1. T.T.L is always awesome, and so do they. I have to thank Supernova also for letting me into T-ara fandom? Qri and Jiyeon look quite the same, probably because of their hairstyle. But dang, i love Soyeon's hair, making her so "girly" T__T biased to much? But what are those reddish plushie? The radio's symbol? Look kind of cute, but kind of fierce on the other hand. Boram looks chic here, but really, i am starting her old short hair T___T
  2. See, love this outfit the best! They don't even need to wear those shiny neon sexy devil-ish clothes but still gorgeous as usual. But wait, is it just me or Boram's hair is slightly different? Anyway, it is cool that the girls themselves are ambassadors for a movie in Thailand, wonder if any fan in Thailand was there.
  3. How I wish they will wear outfits like this more T_____T Definitely better than the devil seduction outfit! The girls are precious too me, the performances were flawless, perfect-o! That's why i prefer shows such as THYS or Chocolate to 3 other big ones. And yes, Soyeon's live singing skill is awesome as well as all others hehe Heng~ not sure about 3D, but i would love to see it
  4. @t.k.ara: Oh sorry for the inconvenient Thought that we will just put it in our topic and that's fine. Next time i will absolutely remember ok?
  5. [Official] IGCBOU @ M-net Performance (02/25) CREDIT: dcinside + toshare.kr + li_lac27 + diadem
  6. Dang o-o. They look...freaking hot, ALL OF THEM. Who can think that Boram and Soyeon could be this hot lol Well, it fits the Ice Princess Soyeon right? She doesn't have to smile in this photoshoot. The girls look awesome as always bleh.
  7. This is the 3rd time seeing them wearing hanbok, such a cutie for all of them! They all look so fine, and love the color also. Magnae is so tall, who can believe she's the magnae with Boram standing next to her? Thanks for sharing ^^~
  8. they look freaking smoke o_o This picture is just...how can i say? How can Boram be cute and smexy at the same time. Qri surely looks really good in this picture. Wow, mysterious Jiyeon is just pretty! Soyeon looks quite serious, but when she smiles, she looks awesome ~
  9. It is good hearing the girls are practicing hard. Since it will be a really tough competition when they make a comeback. Well, practice makes perfect, and it's good if they improve their dance as well as vocal as well as live singing skill, isn't it gonna be awesome? Since they 1st album is pretty good, i'm assuming or expecting that the repacked one will be very good also. And lol, Boram needs to eat more as she practicing, i don' want to see her missing the song because of hunger lol.
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