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  1. I watched the first Banisuta showcase video ONE TIME and that damn song is drilled into my head. I think I had cuddly Japanese nightmares.

  2. A bunch of the pictures in that book are actually pretty crap quality...blurry, grainy, resized, etc...it's a damn shame :(

  3. 130220 T-ara at Incheon Airport to Japan http://t.co/Hg1sD8Xr

  4. 6 girls in 5dolls...? This is BLOWIN' MY MINDDDD

  5. and expanding the 300 image limit on albums like they said they'd do would be nice, too..

  6. lmao at the fact this exists, even though it's empty...I wonder...since when? http://t.co/n6GwJrO6

  7. Big ol' raw scan of the last edit, in honor of the #FreeEunjung movement http://t.co/iFAjEqMx

  8. Q: "Totally agree about them keeping Eunjung in Eskimo gear. Aside from Hyomin, I think there was one performa..." -- http://t.co/xsFWJ51S

  9. Q: "Somebody don't like Bunny Style outfits because they look like japan AV actresses >.< ... lol " - http://t.co/XPjaJ5qt

  10. I need more info about Banisuta...do they come with photos? Do the solo member ones only have pictures of that member? Do I need to buy 10?!

  11. aaaand there goes the site update, too.

  12. Decided I wanted a unique Tumblr theme...and of course I decide to design and code my own from scratch...because...I am a crazy person...

  13. Minus has a 15MB limit now? Reasonable, I guess...I hope they don't change so much that I can't use it the same way as always, though :x

  14. Raw Soyeon scan from Paris & Swiss Photobook http://t.co/fc9avpZZ

  15. I should invest in a better scanner...and maybe scan and upload the rest of those? Damn if that book isn't huge, though...

  16. If Minus added some easy organization options and the ability to re-share that'd be nice. And DL full albums. All stuff they removed... :(

  17. The same $8 app gets updated periodically...based on the behind the scenes stuff I'm guessing there are still many more left for them to put up
  18. I already have a ton of Jiyeon pictures....but no amount is ever enough . Thanks for compiling this.
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