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  1. @yopat2k LMAO goddamnit...

  2. ? blessings https://t.co/uprVzWRMAC

  3. @Tuffty88 either way I'm neck deep into Final Fantasy 14 right now, it's taking my soul...I don't usually do this M… https://t.co/0wtZs9uqwW

  4. tfw you're on the train bored scrolling through Tumblr tags and you get like 10 straight pics of hardcore porn...I scrolled so damn fast...

  5. I'm Dayoung and the Mario head is life https://t.co/jp1iMz2NdA

  6. *buys a Nintendo Switch* https://t.co/2jfwclMBL7

  7. I haven't tweeted in like a month, so, here's a picture of Irene I really like. Enjoy. https://t.co/PqN0QOEnUm

  8. @forthisgift word though if you wanted the yellow/gold I'm sure they got a color that would match...that dark navy though might be sus

  9. Remember when f(x) made a great song about me https://t.co/88417tWG6Z

  10. @Stryferr Joke's on you, I'm American, wtf is SkyTV!?

  11. Sometimes, at random points in the day, I miss my T-ara Minus gallery and I pour one out in loving memory

  12. This was adorable and made me feel good, I recommend it https://t.co/re1UG8ZXNN

  13. RT @CIVARAGI: cash me outside music bank how bow dah https://t.co/RcpBmnyZrr

  14. I restarted my laptop and Red Velvet - Automatic is playing, but...I don't see any tabs open or anything...and actually...I'm ok with this.

  15. @trrevs but I sat right behind my heroes Tokido and Xian. I almost gave Tokido a shoulder rub!

  16. throw this thing into the burning fires of hell, honestly https://t.co/tUSzE6mvjJ

  17. I have the intro theme for Westworld stuck in my head...I feel good about that...

  18. RT @h0tmez: person: girl groups don't really have good music, their albums are really weak compared to boy groups me: https://t.co/8JsFSpzA…

  19. @aurahack aaaaa it's actually out already

  20. @drewzu defence? It's amazing.

  21. RT @XianMSG: When your character is low tier but you still wanna win anyway.

  22. @teampied LOL...Apinkkkk in your areaaaaa (soon, actually)

  23. @bappuli A MAN CAN CHANGE

  24. @dwelph it started off so promising...and then...nightmares...

  25. @leafeonpng PLEASE NO don't mention cordy or fred I can't afford to cry right now...and I'm so sorry ;_; (but I'm actually not sorry, lmao)

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