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  1. @drewzu honestly...I'm playing the song at the moment and I can't promise I don't end up dancing instead of fighting...

  2. @trrevs sir that is my wIFE.

  3. RT @hyemiiiii_: ?! https://t.co/Yj7teKOs69

  4. @Stryferr @forthisgift GO™ figure.

  5. @EmigJustin uhhh pretty sure that's not how fsvorites work...everyone should just like what I like, no?

  6. @forthisgift https://t.co/Ag5FRB9Ahk

  7. @thatonezombie @forthisgift so this is like when I saw those lupe+snsd headers on jphip

  8. @bappuli My Queen not yours! You got 61 seconds to back off.

  9. @Meigitsune mmm, awards

  10. @makelovenotraw new tweets who dis

  11. This concept is a blessing https://t.co/mj90vGiyL5

  12. @hubwub LMAO suju ramen??? iono if I can handle the habanero

  13. @thatonezombie I was hoping lmao

  14. I mean, she still is, but it seems like a strange picture to have inspire that thought, lmao...

  15. ohmagoodness she looks so good with this hair??? http://t.co/5ZdcVVdJMf

  16. This man is making fun of premature babies. #IDemandJustice.

  17. This furry xxxx in Tumblr's Krystal tag needs to be stopped. These people need to be stopped.

  18. Any excuse to link the YASS cat, really...

  19. I am streaming Mega Man 3 and it is old http://t.co/myQQhBpAzr via @hitboxlive

  20. I should have said it might be me...that would have been funnier. (funnier to me)

  21. I keep saying...the one upside to 2 of my 3 favorites leaving Kara is that now there's no conflict for #1...and damn is Seungyeon earning it

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