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  1. RT @aoablack: take a shot every time someone spells nichkhun wrong

  2. Gallery: 140403 T-ara's Hyomin at H&M Loves Music Collection Launch [http://t.co/7qS6tP8Wpz] http://t.co/xdCZC3zh7u

  3. RT @KomaKat: Hyomin with a big smile on her face wearing that xxxxed Up t-shirt makes me laugh.

  4. Do u fart — Never. There is no one on this earth who can prove that I have ever farted. http://t.co/1FKqRwJFCQ

  5. Yeah. At first, i was a little bit frustrated because... — lmao, "hamsexual" never gets old. and yeah, I kinda w... http://t.co/ekJpYcKwdX

  6. Could you recommend some web development resources, l... — Sorry, took me a while, I was typing way too much. An... http://t.co/xlrVkCQiE4

  7. What are going to do when you run out of space in Min... — I actually talked about this with some friends just t... http://t.co/CC7o4YcBq3

  8. RT @BaesedSuzy: @brandinator_ I can picture it now "Wow grandpa, gifs had to be under 2MB back then? How did anyone manage!?"

  9. what are your hobbies? — Being dumb, making gifs, complaining about making websites, training in my ghetto spart... http://t.co/hAIjuZjeAj

  10. 140323 T-ara's Jiyeon at Hong Hyejin Fashion Show [http://t.co/SnIWzSGyCp] http://t.co/HA58I7vc7K

  11. Told my phone to "schedule a party for April 6" and got this...so...RSVP for my "a*** sex" party, I guess. http://t.co/V3yDtIoxYC

  12. hi can u make gifs of Girls day Yura? — Yep, I've been downloading the performances and looking through with th... http://t.co/GeO7zLpQy1

  13. Playing Spotify top lists, every time "Say Something" comes on I think "Whoever sent me those Christina Aguilera asks would be so proud rn"

  14. RT @fifirosharia: Finally is out ! Eunjung's "What Do I do" teaser ! WHITE HAIR ~~ ! >< http://t.co/s23IxHFSyt

  15. The closer I get to bringing my minus up to date, the less I feel like updating. This is my face right now: http://t.co/ZhTlqkFqQC

  16. Somebody lifted the embargo on Hwayoung

  17. I love how it just says "You are doing that too much."

  18. "@onimonkii: areum on instagram is my #1 source for korean girls weirdly whispering xxxx at me with their face all inside the camera" < DEAD

  19. "It's a letter from the professor, he said to give it to your mom." Goddamnit, Pokemon. I think the professor is sleeping with my Mom...

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