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  1. You bring good points on topic. Until now I believe that she made unintentional mistakes when refusing to perform on Music Bank and posting the tweet. And with "unintentional" I say that she didn't want to damage T-ara. But, I have some doubts that I cannot clarify by the little information available. And I'll never believe the bullying theories without real evidence. I'll wait to Hwayoung clarify the reason why she didn't perform at Music Bank.
  2. That Music Bank incident make sense and fit with the events from the last week. And I'm not believing all the company is saying here. The tweets from Hwayung and Hyoyoung caused a great damage in the image of the group. They fed all the netizens with fresh material to the bullying theory. At the time she wrote her tweet, Hwayoung must be aware of the consecuences of writing at that particular moment when the rumors and false theories began to growth. She was a part of T-ara at that moment and causing damage to her own team and company is a very big fault in any employment, in any company and in any bussiness. The same applies to refuse to perform after the rehearsal, this action damaged her group, the work of her teammates and staff. How many people think about the other girls and their staff? They work like slaves without rest. The frustration for their work trashed must be very great and painful. It's easy to take side with Hwayoung and look her as a "victim". For me, she is not the only "victim". There are a lot of people around her who were also victims after her decision to not perform at Music Bank. We have the official positon of the company, and now I want to hear a Hwayoung. I want to know the reason why she didn't want to perform at Music Bank. We can not have a complete idea of the past events without her words. Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes. I hope that this incident will help her to grow up as a person and as professional. I will support her in her future career. Now, it's time to support T-ara.
  3. I'm very glad to read this news. Eunjung is a good actress and she is not in fault. Those people who want to remove her from this drama based only in false accusations are very disturbing.
  4. This situation is going out of control. And the only one to blame is CCM y its incompetent CEO. Adding new members per se it's not a bad thing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work. The thing that makes the difference is a leader who knows when it's appropiate to add new member and when is not. The Timpa's analysis of the situation has let me think it maybe both scenarios as some degree are running now. At first the underlaying "Reason 2". A boss can add a new member to a team and expect that the others members accept the new one. But the boss cannot impose a close friendship between the older ones and the new one. When Soyeon, Boram and Qri were added to T-ara maybe they not became so close to Hyomin, Eunjung and Jiyeon. But, they became close friends themselves. And as a 6-members team they worked very well. When Hwayoung was added to the group the thing maybe it was some different. She was not replacing a leaving member. She was added only because the boss wanted to add her to the group by whatever reason. Despite this, I don't believe that she has been rejected by the older members. They are many instances on TV shows and fancams where you saw the interactions between her and the older ones and she did not fit the "rejected" character. I think that the 6 older members accepted her as a new member of the team and co-worker. But, it does not means that she became instantly a close friend of them. This situation have been worked for a while. T-ara gained a lot recognition as 7 members group last year. This recognition have an enormous cost. The girls are overworked, stressed to maximum and some members had had serious health issues. Anyone to achieve the result they have reached need a lot of "determination" and sacrifice. But, what happens if you find that one of your co-workers doesn't sacrifice as you to achieve the goals as a team. How to deal with this problem? Usually in these cases the "lazy" co-worker is reported to the boss. But, if your boss is an incompetent one and his "solution" is worst than the problem you have an insostenible situation where you see a "lazy" co-worker getting a free ride to success and a boss who can not deal with this kind of situation. The sense of injustice is a great moving power in people and let them to prioritize to end the unfair sittuation as soon as possible because it become insufferable. And this prioritization makes the people to take not the wisest action, and all long-term goals can be displaced to a second order of attention. If the "Reason 1" scenario is happening now, it can explain the tweets. When I read the tweets of Hyomin/Jiyeon/Eunjung I could not find any sense on them. But, if you read them under the "Reason 1" background the tweets have sense and a lot of sense. Many people ask why they made it public? Maybe, because the situation is insostenible right now. Maybe, they tried to solve internally but with the incompetent boss they have the problem have been not solved. I think in case the "reason 1" scenario is true, they have triggered this situation to "force" the boss to find a real solution to the problem. The problem is that in time of despair whatever solution is an acceptable solution. And that why I'm scared. With the prodigous incompetence of the CEO I fear the end of T-ara as we know it. We cannot expect a fair and just solution comming from him. That is beyond the capabilities of the CEO. As a T-ara fan I still have a little hope on the July 30th announcement, but I'm preparing to the worst.
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