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  1. In few month Hyomin promoted BB 2 song & Davichi 2 song too. The result is not good Hope ccm take a break BB & Bring new style. If S.Tiger fail you should repackage BB song that you confident to success.
  2. I prefer S.tiger but they said it risk i don't know -*- Yesterday the news said "a Brand new attempt of giving rap a outer coat of melody." I miss T-ara rap style like TTL. so much & want to see them show fierce on stage. Maybe brave sound is also good & easy to listening but his sound just brave style always. and can't not guarantee success in the long run on the chart like they said. Why CCM make us STRESS !!! all the time.
  3. Can't wait hyomin Fighting Hope song is good pls pls pls
  4. mindori

    [14.06.14] Jiyeon,

    Maknae For you 1000000 point. I know you practice & work really hard. so proud of her ^^
  5. can't wait to listen she sing all 3 songs. i love jiyeon's voice. but i think she must delayed 1-2 weeks because that situation in korea now. hope everyone be safe.
  6. "We might not succeed. If we started to have these worries, then we should not start altogether." think positive positive things will happen fighting
  7. Chance to open up why can't go ?? Good luck my girls..good or bad i will support you forever. You can do it !!! ""We think that what we will demonstrate and show to everyone in the future is the most important. Whether on stage or somewhere else, we will demonstrate our genuine, honest, prudent and good appearance, so please anticipate our future activities and give us a lot of support." love you Eunjung
  8. last sentence Eunjung Daebak hahahaha Support our girls in everyway , when chance had come just try at least they will have experience & open their mind in the new world Don't care haters/k-netizen anymore. Whatever they don't think positive with t-ara. KKS don't bring N4 to america for long because T-ara have plane in Japan so much Just believe in T-ara !!!
  9. premium concert have two days on. 12-13 July. T-ara Fighting !!! Can't wait.
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