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  1. Haters just gonna hate Real Queen's will never believe what have happened. About Bullying and else
  2. This person... I really don't know what on his mind. Making all this things
  3. I'm sure their new comeback song will wipe out all music chart. Can't wait for it
  4. Poor Soyeon. I hope she is okay. No serious injury
  5. wow thats rare to replace a group leader for every each album
  6. Gin_Ichimaru

    [11.06.20] T-ara's Hyomin new horror queen nickname, "Horomi"

    LOL horomi but that is a great nickname for her
  7. the second one is cute her cheek and eyes are beautiful
  8. wohoo, so lucky with the name rolypoly thanks to the snack company for giving T-ara snacks
  9. woow. her eyes looks like marbles round and clear
  10. wooo congratulations for hyomin with her first movie
  11. she really looks feminine with V-hand and beautiful
  12. Gin_Ichimaru

    [11.06.30] T-ara's "Roly-Poly", the perfect disco dance

    perfect disco dance? well, i agree with that. even though there are many songs with dance genre
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