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  1. Haters just gonna hate Real Queen's will never believe what have happened. About Bullying and else
  2. I'm sure their new comeback song will wipe out all music chart. Can't wait for it
  3. wow thats rare to replace a group leader for every each album
  4. wohoo, so lucky with the name rolypoly thanks to the snack company for giving T-ara snacks
  5. perfect disco dance? well, i agree with that. even though there are many songs with dance genre
  6. LOL on the first picture, Jiyeon looks like wearing pajamas
  7. woow Jiyeon is very cute i'va fallen for her
  8. LOL just like Sone's Japan There are a lot of more female fans than male
  9. wow eat more exercise more Try to do a 600 times a day sit up to get a six-packs abs
  10. WOW in Japan The management team should prepare a very good strategy. Because SoShi is there too
  11. LOL The cosmetic brand sounds like their new song Roly-poly
  12. woaah, retro concept korean version looks great i thought retro concept korean would be wear a 'hanbok'
  13. Fighting!!! You wanna held a concert at tokyo dome? You will! Definitely
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